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  • 12 May 2020
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When I run the System Optimizer, Webroot deletes my selected Quick Access folders and replaces them with the default WIN10 Quick Access folders. I have looked through all Webroot settings to stop this from happening but haven’t had any success. Is there a way to keep the System Optimizer from deleting Quick Access folders? I would like to keep my Quick Access folders undisturbed. Thanks!


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3 replies

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Hello @ohm777 


Not sure and I like mine cleaned up:



Thanks for the link! I had already been through the System Optimizer settings page, but revisited after your post. Unfortunately, I’ve tried deselecting some of the selections in the System Optimization options and haven’t found the one that keeps user-defined Quick Access settings/folders. That I have found, Webroot’s System Optimizer will always reset Quick Access to it’s default state. 

I know this thread is old, but I figured out the problem.  There is a setting in System Optimizer as noted in the link above called “Recent Document History”. If that is checked (and it is checked by default), then the files manually pinned (or automatically added) to Quick Access and Jump Lists are deleted and these items are restored to their default state.  If you uncheck that box, you can run System Optimizer without this problem.  Personally, I think the setting name should be clearer and ONLY affect those items that are automatically added. Why would I want to delete what I manually pinned?  -John