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  • 20 August 2015
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I have updated to windows 10 and have Webroot complete. After about three weeks my windows defender has turn itself off and i cannot get it back on. Do I need defender on if I have Webroot ?

2 replies

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If you have another AV installed on Windows 10, it will automatically disable Windows Defender.  It will not allow you to have both enabled at the same time.  This is a function of Windows, not Webroot. The same will be true of any AV you install on Windows 10.
If you uninstall Webroot (or other AV you have installed) Windows Defender will automatically come back active if it was set for that, OR it will provide you a system notification that action is needed in order to either turn Windows Defender back on or re-enable/re-install your other AV.
In short.. with another AV installed and active, you can't enable Windows Defender, but it will be there if the other AV is turned off or uninstalled.
I hope this helps!
See this link on how to run WSA alongside Windows Defender.