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  • 3 May 2012
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A friend's daughter had a nasty set of trojans etc. She had norton installed and tried McAfee and lord knows what else. They didn't help. I uninstalled them. Webroot complete seems to have cleaned all that up. But, windows security center can't be started in the action center. And going into services, I can't find it in the list to start it from there. So... is there a way to get it back in the services list? At this point, since so many things are trashed, I'm inclined to have her reinstall win7 and start over. But she doesn't want to start over again.

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Hello beckx20, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :D
Sorry to hear about the infected computer. The best thing to do now would be to put in a trouble ticket and explain what happened.
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Along the "Would've, Could've, Should've" lines, that kind of damage is something SecureAnywhere can fix automatically if it's there when the damage is done.  That doesn't help the immediate situation though.
Repairing Windows via its installation media is always the "safest" choice.  That being said, if you are very comfortable with working in the registry, it can be fixed by hand in some cases.  This is a tricky thing though.  We will not give extremely precise directions, because any changes to the registry can be hazardous if the user making them is not fully aware of what they are doing.  Thus we give general directions.  If a user knows what the directions mean, they are probably savvy enough to work in the registry safely. ;)
In general, you would need to export the registry key from a working computer to import to the not-working one.  Sometimes it is also necessary to copy the file itself as well.  The necessary registry key is generally HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetserviceswscsvc, however differs depending on the version of Windows.  The file is wscsvc.dll in system32.
I won't provide more information than that because again, we don't want people who are not comfortable in the registry to try to modify things because they think the directions are very easy to follow.  It's wholly possible for other complications to be involved as well, so no set of instructions would be wholly foolproof.
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Thank you. I'll compare her system with mine for that reg key. I'll get her stuff copied first. Then if it's trashed, I just reinstall. Once this is all done, then I'll get her to do the backup stuff in webroot and she should be good. If I do reinstall windows, I have to uninstall webroot first so she can use the key again, correct?
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Hello beckx20 and welcome to the Webroot Community Forums :D
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It should not be necessary to uninstall, but it's a good idea to if the whole system gets reimaged.  Webroot tracks things on the console for you, but without the uninstall, it has no way to know it's not on a new computer and leaves the old "computer" behind.