• 12 October 2012
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I put in Webroot Secure Anywhere on my Windows 7.  Immediately upon trying to use Chrome the screen went blank and a warning "WRSA.exe was terminated becaust it was deemed harmful by Active X Virus control" came on the screen from Bit Defender.  I called Webroot and even with them controling to computer there was not found a way around this.  I then called Bit Defender and there response was that WRSA was a collection of items and they could not access those things.  So at that point I uninstalled Webroot and low and behold my Chrome access came back.  Does anyone know of a solution that a person with very limited computer knowledge could use?

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It's my guess,and only my guess that WSA,being it used .dll injection,probably triggered this response.Bitdefender beats their chests about their high detection rate.but it also comes with a caveat..lots of fp's from people i have talked to.Solutions like Bitdefender,Kaspersky,and  a few others approach things differently than Webroot..they go out of their way to make sure theirs is the only solution you use.If you contact them,they will tell you 99.9% of the time not to use 2 solutions together.They do not design their products with compatability in mind.Bitdefender is a heavy suite with a lot of modules.The installer is huge.While Webroot strives to work with everything,there may be the occasional case where it does not.I would write into support and give them some more information on your setup and it may be possible the development team can work on this.I am sure they can.Just a quick question?Are you running a Bitdefender trial,or have you already paid for it?I am not trying to talk you out of using Bitdefender,but as you can see the combination i use in my signature works EXTREMELY well.
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Hey malcolm,
This is a bit of a strange issue that I haven't personally seen before. As superssjdan said, Webroot SecureAnywhere is built to work with pretty much any other antivirus program. Before you uninstalled, were you able to open Webroot SecureAnywhere at all? If not, what happened when you tried? Was this warning message exclusive to Chrome? Did you try to open any other web browsers or programs?
I'd like you to try installing Webroot SecureAnywhere again, but this time using a different internet browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox (you can use Chrome again to install, but trying a different browser may bring different results). After you install, try opening the other browsers and/or some programs first. If they open fine, proceed to open Chrome and see if the issue persists. If it does, you can uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere again, try disabling BitDefender, re-install Webroot, and re-enable Bit Defender to see if the issue remains.
I understand that this is frustrating and I want to help you get this resolved. If the aforementioned solutions fail, you can always update your support ticket and say that you called BitDefender and that they didn't resolve the issue (you can just copy your explanation below). Our support system is 24/7 and there will always be an agent that can take a look at your ticket. You can always get some answers here on the Community (as we have great dedicated members who check in very often), but there won't be a dedicated Webroot employee monitoring the forums until Sunday (and I'll be back in the office Monday morning 7:30 AM MST) In the meantime, reply to let me know if the aforementioned solutions work out for you. If not, just update your ticket and a support agent will continue to help you out!