A feature to get one file with many site information

  • 22 April 2021
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I would like to obtain sites’ information such as endpoints per site, to facilitate our administration (accounting, invoicing system) work. To do so, I have downloaded Webroot Universal Reporter. Still, I have been confronted to the same problem: we cannot create one document with little information like that (one row, with 2 or a little more columns), that contains many sites/customers.


Getting a log of information, may be nice in some situation, but when we need only few informations relevant for the administrative part of the company, it is almost impossible.


My question is: Do you know about that? Is it something you are working on? Or it is not on your to-do-list and it is not one of your priority since your goal is to support only the technical and not the backgroung?


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Hey there @maboug  - This is a great question for our business support team. Please reach out to them here: