How do I report in individual entities in a site? With Universal Reporter

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Hi, I get one report for 682 devices.  How do I run a report for the individual customers (entities) ?
Do I need to configure them as individual sites, each with a different parent / install keycode?

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Hello @Rickkee 


I will ping @aqila  to see if he has suggestions!



To run a report for individual customers/entities, you need to configure them as individual sites with unique parent/install keycodes. This allows you to track and generate reports specific to each customer. Select the desired site or keycode as a filter in your reporting tool to retrieve customer-specific data.



To get individual reports for each customer in Universal Reporter, use the filter option to select the customers you want. This lets you create separate reports for each one without needing to change your setup.

I hope my suggestion help to you.