In Webroot universal reporter we need a custom report listing the endpoints in the created folders under the site?

  • 11 February 2020
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In Webroot universal reporter we need a custom report listing the endpoints in the created folders under the site?

Can this be done?? 

Has anyone done this?

We as an MSP can't created sites for every customer however we create a folder with the endpoints.

This is done by multiple MSP's in the netherlands so if there is a solution please let me know.


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Hey @martijn.westers ,

Welcome to the community! 

I would start by reading through this KB article for the universal reporter:

If you can’t find your answer there, then the next best option is opening up a ticket with support:


Hope that helps!


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Hi Martijn, we designed the tool to work at site level, where a site is a customer. I’m assuming you’re using groups under sites as customers in this case. If you want to report at group level then the tool won’t be able to do that. 

However  if you have  PowerShell skills in house then included in the  software at the is a PowerShell Unity Cmdlet 

C:\Users\[username]AppData\Local\Webroot Reporting\Main\Cmdlets\Webroot.UnityAPI.PowerShell.dll

You can use this to pull data from your console and segment it as you wish.

To help if you look at the ‘Extended End point report’ and see the ‘Endpoints’ data tab you will see the group name data.

Using the Unity Powershell Cmdlet is still a lot easier then using Unity API naively which requires programming token handling and retries . 

I will contact you directly to discuss.

I would vote to add tenancy as an option. We too are an MSP with hundreds of “customers” and thousands of endpoints. While the tool is cool, for me to run a report on agent spread, I have to sift through hundreds of Excel files to get the information I need. It would be great to be able to run a report which is like the Endpoint: List report but includes all customers in your tenancy. 

Same with the agent not seen. We would love to run 1 report and get all the agents not seen in our tenancy. 


If I am missing something and this is already available please tell me! I am trying to audit all the macs in our Webroot tenancy for their agent version so we can update as necessary. Right now it’s going to take me DAYS to do this.

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Hi all, thanks very much for your suggestions for the Universal Reporter tool.

For a later version of the tool, we are looking to add advanced functionality to allow full GSM reports, so all reports can be collapsed into one sheet.

Can I please ask you to list the fields that would be most useful in such a report?  

Your feedback is vital to us!

Thank you,


Hi NGoknel,

          I would say that the site name, hostname, last seen, agent version, and maybe last infected date would be a good start. Thank you!!

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Hi @joshuab2185

Thanks for the super quick reply.  I will start with that list and maybe add a few more things like the “Group name” which will help @martijn.westers

Thanks again for the excellent info.   


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@ngoknel and @joshuab2185 Great to see there might finally come a better solution.

The template we used was still to much work to be effective for us… 

So we went back to manual checks… 

But the automation would be very much appreciated!! 

Also note : We would like the tool to work on a Terminal Server 2016/2019 if at all possible?


Martijn Westers