SkyStatus request failed (No parameterless constructor defined...

  • 13 October 2023
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Had been running this report (Endpoint:List) with no problems.

I added a couple of new sites.

Universal Reporter is log indicates it is successful on the first site, and I get output for it.

It fails on the second site (the first NEW site), with the error:

 :: ERROR [2023-10-12 15:54:16Z] Exception occurred. Exiting processing....   {"statusCode":500,"requestId":"31205b99-c3da-4e7b-8618-cd183536f303","error":null,"error_description":"SkyStatus request failed (No parameterless constructor defined for type of 'System.String'.)","AdditionalInformation":{}} 
 At C:\Users\Me\OneDrive - MyCompany\Documents\Webroot Reporting\Runs\20231012T2153265213848Z\Templates\Endpoint List - 1.3\Scripts\template.psm1:275 char:5
+     Get-UnityAPISkyStatusSiteEndpointStatusSite -UnityAPIClient $Scri ...

The output for the failed site appears to have legitimate Parameters, Site, and ConsoleEndpoints sheets, but the other sheets all have headers but no endpoints.

3 replies

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Hello @JB4 ,

Thanks for bringing this up.

Firstly we are sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

I am the PM for Universal Reporter. The issue you are seeing is most likely related to the latest agent release and is being investigated. It is nothing specific to your set up.

Hopefully we can resolve this shortly.

Thanks for your understanding.



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Thanks @aqila 

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same issue with me. is there a fix coming?