webroot scan results/report using command line

  • 15 June 2021
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Hi Team,

Is there any command to access the webroot scan results/reports thru command line ? If yes, please let me know those command(s)

Thanks in Advance!


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Hello @Vijay kulkarni 


Are you a Business user? I’m just wondering why via the command line when it’s easy via the UI?



Any other info would be helpful to get you the right person.


Hi @TripleHelix 


Thanks for your response.

A process where we are scheduling scan on daily basis  for only selected files/folders to make sure those are well secured and planning to grab the related results/reports. This should be carried out  via a command line.

We can able to run scan thru command line but didn't find any commands to grab the results/reports thru command line.

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Hello @Vijay kulkarni 


You still didn’t tell me if you are a Business user but it sounds like you are so I will ping a couple of Webroot Staffers to help you @coscooper  @dstokes1 but if not please let me know if you are a Consumer user.



Hello @Vijay kulkarni There isn’t a command line option to pull the report, but as long as you’re running the Webroot Business Console in MSP mode, you have access to our Unity API, which will allow you to run PowerShell scripts against your Console to pull a variety of reports, including daily scanning. You can find instructions on how to set it up and the formats for creating customized PowerShell scripts here:

Home (

Hi @dstokes1 


Thanks for your response!

As I have gone thru the link ""that you shared but I did not find any formats for creating customised powershell scripts. So if possible please share here the templates/ formats for creating powershell scripts to grab the scan results/reports

@Vijay kulkarni The API Reference link (sub-link of the original link I sent) has all of the requests with the format to use to create the scripts: Documentation - API Reference (

Another resource on scripting is here in the Community: Unity API Forum | Webroot Community

Within the console we also have a reporting tool that extends the Console reporting using the API and has some built-in templates with scripts that can be modified to your purposes. It is called the Universal Reporter and the information about how to install and use it is here, but will require you be logged in to the Console: Webroot Management Console (