Agent Update for Windows and Mac Endpoints

  • 17 January 2018
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We’ll be making a series of updates to endpoints under your management starting today. No action is necessary on your part.  
Mac endpoint agents will be updated over the next several weeks, beginning today. These updates lay important groundwork for future enhancements to our file-based malware detection.
The Windows agent will also be updated, beginning next week, to improve the performance of our Web Threat Shield technology on the Firefox Quantum browser. The update also accommodates the security changes Microsoft has made to its Windows operating systems. For more information about the Windows security update, please read our knowledge base article.
Although the update will be largely silent, customers who use older versions of Firefox (version 48 and below) will receive an automatic prompt from the browser when the upgraded extension is installed. Please notify any clients who use older versions of Firefox of this experience, as needed.

4 replies

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Is there anywhere we can get more details on version numbers and precise release dates? Thanks!
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The aforementioned "Next Week" was THIS WEEK. Today is Friday (end of the week) and the MSI for Secure Anywhere version is still not available for download from my admin console. I just checked and I'm still getting So again, can we get a more specific release date? 
I was told all clients wuold be up to date by End Of January, It's now February and the response I have received is very generic
"We are still in the slow rollout process as a bug was discovered - this has been resolved with a new build and once it is available your endpoints will be updated automatically."
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For the business community, version has started rolling out in a pilot deployment:
WSA Deployment
If you'd like to manually update your client, you can use agent commands to download and run a file.  Paste this URL into the command window to force an upgrade:
Finallly, if you don't like doing it manually, I submitted a feature request to make it a little easier - give it a kudos if you think it's a good idea.