New WSAB-EP Update - Customizable Alerting

  • 15 May 2013
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Webroot has received many requests for the ability to edit the alert messages being sent from the management console. There have also been requests for integrating console alerts into existing ticketing management and support systems, and broadening the distribution of the alerts. With the release of our new Customizable Alerts we now deliver this highly requested functionality.


Customizable Alerting - Allows an Administrator to fully customize the alerts sent from their Webroot SecureAnywhere Business-Endpoint Protection console. of the New Alert templateThere are 6 main areas being introduced with the Alert Templates feature:
       Alert Type - As before, there are various alert types that may be subscribed to that act as rules for when the Administrator should be alerted. The alert types available with this release are:    [list]       Instant Alerts for newly infected PCs.       Instant Alerts for newly installed PCs.       Scheduled Summary Alerts for recently infected PCs.       Scheduled Summary Alerts for recently installed PCs.   
   Configurable Distribution - Distribution lists can be configured for multiple users to receive an alert. Alert message recipients may also unsubscribe from an alert directly in the alert email.
        Configurable Data - With a simple mechanism, Administrators can now configure where specific data will appear in alert messages. These configurable data variables include: username, active directory/OU information, workgroup, and local IP data.
        Configurable Subject Line - Allows the Administrator to configure the subject line of any alert messages by using both plain text and the variables available for the type of alert. This allows the Administrator to have the subject of the email alert reflect non-generic data, such as the hostname of the machine triggering the alert
        Configurable Body Message - Allows the Administrator to fully customize the message body using the data point variables available for the alert.
        Customized Alerts Wizard - There is new wizard to guide the Administrator through the steps to create and configure new or existing alerts.[/list]Watch out for:

While not in this release, there are plans for further refinements to make alert messaging more customizable:
       HTML encoding - the ability to change the body of the message using HTML, such as: font, color, bold/italicize, etc.   Alert Preview - the ability to see a preview of the template created.
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