PRODUCT UPDATE BULLETIN 20.3 - April 16th 2015

  • 17 April 2015
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The latest release of the Global Site Manager (GSM) delivers several new enhancements to the dashboard, including additional data points in the endpoint drill down. These improvements are designed to provide better visibility of endpoint information that will be most useful in managing your endpoint environment. The following capabilities are now available with this release.
  1. NEW – Global Alert Preview – This preview of global alerts during setup ensures users are given the right information.  [img][/img] [img][/img]  
  2. NEW – Chart and Site Drill Down – Detailed information on the status of your deployment is visible, down to the endpoint level. The chart includes a list of sites and the number of matching endpoints by hostname, with specific details about each endpoint in the drill down.  [img][/img] [img][/img]  
  Additional Enhancements
  • The Silent Audit policy description is updated to read 'Non-remediating Security Audit with limited protection enabled' to better reflect level of protection.
  • The Dashboard is now the default view to provide an immediate overall summary of the health of the deployment.
  • All tabs now run from a single page.
  • Virtual Machine and Firewall Enabled data points have been added to the endpoint drill down.
  • The Agent Version spread chart now lists ‘Other’ where 10 or more unique versions are in use.
  • Deactivated sites are now excluded from all charts and drill downs to give a more accurate view of the current deployment.
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