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Product Update: Management Console Update 40.0

  • 18 June 2019
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Product Update: Management Console Update 40.0
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This release introduces a brand new My Usage section in the console to provide 100% accurate information on your license usage across all Webroot® solutions. The My Usage page is a simple way to access complete usage and trial data for Webroot Business Endpoint Protection, DNS Protection, and Security Awareness Training, which includes detailed usage figures for each client.

The highlights of the release are:
  • Improved – Agent Commands
  • New – Reports
  • New – Scan History
  • New – Policy-based Web Overrides for DNS Protection
  • New – My Usage Page
  • New – Dark Web Breach Report
  • New – Training Navigation Enhancements
1. Agent Commands

From the Sites & Groups page, we’ve added a new drop-down menu called Agent Commands. To activate this menu, select one or multiple devices from the All Sites list. The menu displays the 11 most common Agent Commands, according to current customer usage, along with the option to View Command Log.

2. Reports

We have added six new reports to the On Demand section of the Reports page.

The new reports are:
  • All Threats Seen
  • All Undetermined Software Seen
  • Devices with Threats Seen on Last Scan
  • Devices with Undetermined Software on Last Scan
  • Web Threat Shield Blocked URL History
  • Web Threat Shield Blocked URLs
3. Scan History

When you select to view a Device from the Groups page, you’ll now see a new Scan History tab. This tab displays a list of every scan of that particular device, and includes any threats found during the scan(s).

4. Policy-based Web Overrides for DNS Protection

DNS Protection customers can now add Web Overrides at the Policy level to apply Block/Allow rules for Domains in a more flexible, granular way. To access this feature, open the Overrides tab, then click Web Block/Allow List to display the new overrides section, along with the new Search, Filter, and Column sorting display.

For more information and detail about all of the updates, please click on the PDF below.

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That's great. I don't see anything about adding true MFA to the dashboard.

When can we expect this?

This has been an open request for 5 years.

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