Another lost feature

  • 8 October 2013
  • 3 replies

Once again when Webroots updated we lost features. This time it is the ability to run a Clean Disk. Webroots is going the wrong direction if they want to keep this LONG time customer. Should be adding features, not taking them away.

3 replies

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Hello Ron_p and welcome to the Webroot Community.
The Disk Cleaner has been renamed as System Optimizer.  To find it, click on the 'gear tool' next to Utilities, then click on the System Optimizer tab.  I believe that this tool is the same as the former Disk Cleaner but with some added improvements to it.
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To add to what David has said, the online help system has info on how to use the System Optimizer, either manually or by setting a schedule.

Check it out here:
And welcome to the Webroot Community.
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Thanks Tony!  I knew I was forgetting something there... the LINK to that would have been nice of me to add!