Are there Safe Food Log apps or maybe a software program that is not connected to the web. For privacy and security concerns

  • 1 February 2023
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I am lookin for something that I can input my daily food intake and then have a cohesive look at that aspect of my health. Presently I am trying to write it down in a note book but I discovered there are actual food log apps and even free food log apps I am concerned about you know signing up at another web site or having another app o my smart phone that could be something a hacker could take advantage of in a negative way. Or is just having Webroot on my computer enough?  Any help much appreciated thank you  

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I use MyFitnessPal, which I believe got bought by UnderArmor in 2015. Its free and all you need to sign up is email and a password. Using the website or app is easy to use and they have all the nutritional value and it saves time from looking it all up manually. 


Obviously make sure to have unique password for this account (and any account) as good security posture is assuming that their server will be breached so if that were to happen nothing of value is lost and you change change your password and shed any risk. 


This is the reality in today’s world and if you want ZERO risk of information you share with 3rd parties not being susceptible to breaches then you would have to not share any, which isn’t realistic