• 27 February 2012
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My name is Soren,and I live in Copenhagen,Denmark.Some time ago (just before the new SecureAnywhere went public,I bought a new computer,and with it,a 2 year licens to PrevX .3.220 with SOL.Of course I would like to upgrade it to SA,but I have tried to write 3 different places now,I nobody write back.Can somebody please help me with this?
Can I use my PrevX licens (511 days left) to the new SA?
When I asked long time ago in Wilders,I got the answer from (I think he is called Tripple Helix?) that it was a question about time,and that we PrevX owners would get an answer soon.But thats a long time ago,and I really would like to get this solved now?
Thank you.

3 replies

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Welcome to the community forums! Upgrading from a Prevx subscription to our Webroot SecureAnywhere software is still in the works, but at this time there is no date set as to when this upgrade will be available to Prevx users.
Please contact Prevx support using the link below and they would be able to answer your question better.

Contact Prevx

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Hello Soren, Welcome to the Webroot Forum. 😃
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Welcome to the forum!!