• 4 February 2012
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Loaded WSA about 24 hours ago and love what I have seen thus far: running with MBAM-Pro and left Windows 7 firewall on and no slow downs. I really like what I have seen!!! And I hear it's snowing in Colorado tonight! Thanks WSA staff...great product!  RR

7 replies

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Hello RompinRaider and Welcome to the WSA Forum. WSA & MBAM Pro = Great Combo 😃
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Greetings and Welcome Rompin to the Webroot Community!
Grats on loading up WSA, you won't be disappointed!!  :-)
Definitely snowing here in CO, I am currently at about 15" at my house, and it is still coming down! LOL
Thank you for joining us here!!!
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Hi RompinRaider...great to see you here! Knowing what you're sense of humour is like, as you've had me laughing many times over at WSF.
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Hi RompinRaider great to see you here also! Where getting the Wilders family! 
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Welcome.Yet another from Wilder's forums.Excellent.Would kill for some snow here on the east coast PA.Glad to hear your experience with WSA is going well.Send some snow this way.They can't drive here in good weather 🙂
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I just sacrificed 1 snowman and 3 icicles ... snow is on the way.
You're welcome.  🙂
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Ooooops!   Dermot7 has exposed me....:D