Hello from the heart of Europe

  • 1 March 2012
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Hi all!
First of all my apologies for a small geographic test in the subject :p
Another member of the Wilders (Prevx forum) joins Webroot fraternity, sorry sounds me better than community :D 
I see a lot of known "faces" here ... TH, Mongol, Kit, Joe/PrevxHelp etc. My greetings to you all and also to others I didn't mention ;)
I am a long time user of Prevx, later WSA after Webroot acquired Prevx. I was lucky enough to be at the public genesis of WSA participating in aplha and later closed beta testing.
I am going to be active here also in WSA Android forum. BTW, WSA mobile is really a top notch apps.
I highly rate the quality of this "fraternity" web, indeed. Well done. Keep up!
Kind regards,

6 replies

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Hi Pegas it's great to have you here enjoy! :D
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Thx TH for welcome! We will be meeting up here. My pleasure :D
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Welcome and glad to have you in the community! 😃
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Hello pegas, Welcome to the Webroot Forum. 😃
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Welcome to a great community...
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Ah, welcome to here! 
I don't say that too often in the Introductions section either. 🙂