How to exclude a whole folder from monitoring

  • 25 March 2020
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I have set up webroot and I am not able to exclude a whole programme file from being monitored when the webroot icon is sitting down by the clock on the PC.

We are using MYOB and the webroot software interfers with a lot of the MYOB processes and also our printer scan folder. Mostly we leave the webroot programme shutdown and only use it for on demand scanning.

I have set up a path into the override section and I think I can exclude the whole folder that way. I also ticked the setting to add it to the default policy I created but the policy doesn’t show the override. Also how can I tell that the override I created with the folder selected to exclude from monitoring has actually excluded the folder from being monitored.

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Hey @Ford ,

It sounds like you’ve already followed the correct process of excluding it in the Webroot Whitelist so if you’re still having issues, I’d recommend reaching out to our SUPPORT TEAM for assistance.


Let us know how that goes!