i just installed on my computer it says i only have 43 days why is that

  • 17 March 2015
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I just installed on my computer from a new unopened package. It says for subscription 43 days. why is that

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Hi brian_b052300
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When you say that you installed from a new unopened package, are you referring to a CD or boxed item?  If so then what keycode did you use when prompted during the installation process.  It is the keycode entered that determines the number of days subscription that remains rather than the actual installation of the software.
Sounds like you may be using a trial key or a key that has previously been activated.
EDIT: If you have just bought  a new, wrapped version of WSA then you should have been supplied with a new keycode (where that is to be found depends on whether you bought from Best Buy/The Geek Squad or from another store)?  If that is the case then you best bet is to let your current subscription (of 43 days run down to 0 and then enter the new key code to start the new subscription.
Also, which verison of WSA do you have, as if changing key codes and you are using a version with the Password Manager and/or Backup & Sync, then you will need to contact Support to get the data move between the keycodes, i.e., from old to new one.
Awaiting your response.
Regards, Baldrick