Message displays every time I log onto my computer

  • 5 April 2021
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For the past week, every time I log onto my computer, a message is displayed from Webroot asking if I want to allow it to make changes to my computer. It doesn’t appear that anything is being changed--just the annoying message is displaying. How can I get this to stop?


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Hey there @janchandler ,

I’m going to ping one of our product experts to see if he has any advice for you! 

@dstokes1 - Any ideas?

Hi @janchandler … I need some more information from you, so will PM you.

Hi, everyone. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I discovered what was causing this problem--the certificate of my version of Webroot was not up to date. All is good now. Thank you all!

How do you update the certificate? In the console, my user name references an incorrect key code and I need that updated too. I can’t even log into backup with my valid username (email) and PW and think it’s because the wrong key code is referenced. I see no way to change/update it in the console and it won’t let you edit or add that email again

Wish I could help, bwarter, but it all sort of happened like magic. I checked the details in the message that displayed when I opened my computer and saw that the Webroot certificate was out of date. I was trying to figure out how to update it myself when Microsoft did an automatic update and the next time I logged on, no message from Webroot. Good luck with your problem!