Network security / Firewall - WANATTACK drop?

  • 11 February 2022
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Hey I am not understanding my logs in my network firewall as I have checked my log the other day because my connection was cutting out at my house and I live in a 800 sq foot home and have high speed internet good for up to 15 devices.. and my router is like 5 feet away from where I have my TV and phone. So anyways, my wifi was lagging badly and so I logged into my router to see wtf was happening. if anything.  Reason I am uneasy about this is I recently separated from my ex who in the past has put spy ware on my phones and different things to our home router to monitor traffic and snoop using man in the middle attacks. He has recently been to my new place and was caught going into my house when I was not home by a neighbour. Do I have anything to stress? Or am I paranoid?

My log for my firewall stated this: 

FW.IPv6 FORWARD drop , 286 Attempts, 2022/2/10 22:32:53

Firewall Blocked  
FW.WANATTACK DROP , 9 Attempts, 2022/2/10 20:58:00 Firewall Blocked  
FW.IPv6 INPUT drop , 331 Attempts, 2022/2/10 22:32:53 Firewall Blocked

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Hello @Achristine1427 


Do you have Webroot SecureAnywhere installed or you devices? If you do you can ask support for a free security check and they will let you know!


Webroot Support:

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