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  • 22 March 2013
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Trying to log onto Facebook, the main page is scrammbled.  I had the same problem a few months ago, someone was kind and offered a solution.  I cannot remember the solution.  I already cleared the cookies and history.   Any help is appreciated.

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Hi RuthAnn, and welcome to the Community!
You might also try clearing the Cache/ Temporary Internet Files  from the browser.  That often will help.
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In most browsers, CTRL+F5 will refresh the page without looking at the cache. So if the problem is in the cache, it's a quick way to check. I'd suggest going to the page you're having trouble with, hold down CTRL, and hit F5. Hopefully this helps.
Thank you Jim, 'Control F5' worked.  Now if only I can figure why all pages are taking so long to load...must be one of those days....
Looking forward to reading through the Community.

Also, so far WEBROOT has been great in protecting all our devices.
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I am new to the Webroot Community.  I have a question and don't know where to post it.  Can someone help me?  My question is if I am going to be leaving my home for a period of time like a week or so, in order to avoid viruses etc., should I shut off my desktop computer like I do every night or keep it on so that Webroot can run daily to scan for rogues etc?  Can viruses etc. enter my computer while it is turned off?  What is the best way to protect computer when not using it for a period of time?  Thanks for any help or advice.  BTW,  does Webroot scan daily even if computer is turned off?
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Hello Bea and welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
It's best to turn it off so that you can save some money and malware can't enter while the Computer is off! And no it doesn't scan while it's off. Have a nice time if your going on Holiday's! ;)
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Hello RuthAnn and Bea, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. 😃