New to Windows 8 - New to WebRoot - and lost

  • 29 January 2014
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Hello everyone,
It's nice to find you and as I expect I shall be here often, a short intro may be in order.
I'm not new to computers but most assuredly new to (and exasperated with) Windows 8. After all, I'm an old lady and was raised with the notion that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I see no need for CHARMS, nor for it to take 4 clicks to shut my computer down, ahh but there you are, eh? Sometimes change really sucks.
Here's a huge aggrivation with this new computer: It came with Norton on it, but I purchased Webroot for obvious reasons. I allowed Norton to expire, installed Webroot, and NOW I keep getting Norton's annoying popup asking me to upgrade. I do NOT WANT TO. I have no need to. I have Webroot and so far all is well (except for detesting Windows 8, ugh) 
Please, anyone, how the heck do I remove unwanted Trial popups?
With this new Windows 8 configuration, I can barely navigate around my own computer, so I am truly at your mercy here. Let the laughter and razzing begin!

9 replies

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Windows 8 is actually very good once you get used to it. You just need to remove Norton and all its other compents from the Windows add/remove control panel. 
  1. Right-click in the screen’s bottom-left corner and choose the Control Panel from the pop-up menu.
  2. When the Control Panel appears, choose Uninstall a Program from the Programs category. The Uninstall or Change a Program window appears, listing your currently installed programs, their publisher, size, installation date, and version number. To free up disk space, click the Installed On or Size column header to find old or large programs. Then uninstall those forgotten programs you never or rarely use.
  3. Click the unloved program and then click its Uninstall, Change, or Repair button.   Find anything in the list related to Norton and uninstall it, that should do it!
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Well I'll be darned, you know, I didn't even know I could do that! Okay, giving it a shot, and will be back to let you know.
A big thank you for the reply :womanwink:
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There are some nice nifty features in Win 8 that arent so obvious at first glance, the split screen option is really useful as it being able to close programs by dragging them to the bottom of the screen.
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Update #1: Well so far, I found my way in (big thanks to you) and am TRYING to get Norton uninstalled. Mercy, so far I have gotten THREE new popups from Norton begging me to stay. For Pete's sake, really? lol
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WHAT split screen option? Oh gawd have I got to spend time on YouTube to learn how to use this thing? lol. sigh.
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Update #2: So, in the process of uninstalling Norton and all it's begging popups, My Webroot Secure-Anywhere turned orange with a warning that a threat was detected. M'kayyyy, so I click on scan, and it's now frozen. Grrr
In the meantime, Norton's latest popup wants me to restart my computer. Hmm, I shall try that next. What a p.i.a.
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Norton will probably need a restart to remove. There is a Norton removal tool if its being really stubborn let us know. 
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Update #3: Computer restarted, check. Back to Control Panel/Remove Programs, check. Now to remove 2nd piece of Norton called Norton Zone, check. So far, so good.
So far, I would say this dilemma has been solved. THANK YOU very much :D
Do I start a new thread when I have new (ahem, more) "newbie" questions?
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No problem happy to help out. Any new issues just create a new topic as it helps keep things tidy