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  • 31 December 2021
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I was installing a new wireless canon printer and thought I went to the website provided in the instruction booklet.  The site I clicked on was the same only did not have the periods.  Webroot said it was a dangerous site but I said go ahead anyway since I thought it was Canon.  I ended up downloading a program that let this person look into my computer.  He showed me files that he said were trojans and how dangerous they were and how many problems they caused.  Towards the end it sounded like a scam and I told him I would purchase the product he wanted me to get on my own from Amazon and I hung up.  The computer then ran in safe mode.  finally restarted it and it was in regular mode. I ran Webroot and it said I didn’t have any thing that needed removed.  I am worried that the access program that scammer used was still around but couldn’t find it in my downloads.  Finally got the canon printer up and running.  Do I need to do any additional search or support?  Thank y ou


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2 replies

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I say if it's working,and your not seeing anymore problems,then your good to go.Also good job on telling that person That you would check it out on Amazon.

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Hello @Orchydlady 


If you feel that you need a free security check please Submit a Support Ticket and they will check your system for you, make sure you do a Ticket from the said system as a simple scan log is uploaded when you use the ticket system.