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  • 25 February 2014
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I am new to Webroot but have the basic features down.  Recently I went to PC security and chaged my settings to the medium recommeded security.  Shortly after my desk top shortcut and Webroot icon in the start menu disappeared.  At first I though I been hacked but after further invesitgating I realized I was being managed by the web console.  However is disappearing desktop Webroot shortcut and disappearing start menu Webroot icon, as well as my password to configure my webroot being disabled normal behavior for the recommened medium secruirty normal?

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As far as I know, changing that setting on the console shouldn't change the icon behavior.  Did you change any settings on the agent, as there are checkboxes there under Advanced Settings->Install Settings to turn the desktop shortcut, the start menu shortcut, and the system tray icon on and off?  The one for the password is under Advanced Settings->Access Control.  Take a look at those and see if you can set them back the way they were.
The box was unchecked in advanced settings - install settings for the icon to show up on my desktop.  However it was not by my doing.  I think when I set my  security to the recommened  medium level it did that as well as bypassed my password.  I had to go back to the user configuration setting to fix the problem because when I tried to check the box I would get a message saying I am being controlled by the web conconsole my setting may be over written with the next data base communication and  every time I would open the interface they would disappear from both  the start menu and desktop again.
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I just want to confirm that you are on the consumer version of WSA - the behavior you are describing sounds more like how the business version operates, where you can change all those settings at the policy level.
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Good point, Nic...I have been scratching my head trying to replicate the symptoms but to no avail...had not thought it could be due to that. :@;)
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I have in the distand past (2 1/2 years ago) seen a situation in which enterprise, or Endpoint, code was inadvertantly included in the consumer client causing the software to appear to be not installed when in fact it was, and running correctly protecting the client computer.  I have not seen this happen since, but it IS possible for it to happen.
Has anyone else reported this kind of behavior recently?
I just called Weroot ealier today and they said the behavior was normal, infact  when I called them and explained the probelms they told me exactly what happened and they also replied to a link I had to open up via email.  This is what they said happened.: 

It sounds like you may have made some changes on your account which is why you cannot make changes like enabling the shields it says are turned off. Please follow the steps to check to see if this is the issue.

1. Log into your account using the link below.
2. Go to the PC Security tab
3. On the about tab look at the bottom of the box and you will see Security settings, you will want to click on "Edit"
4. If this is set to anything besides "User configuration" then you have chosen the portal to manage the program that is installed on your computer. If this is the case please make sure it says "User configuration"
5. Log out of your account

You will then want to go into the program and when it says there are some shields disabled, you can now enable them and they will stay enabled since you just told the portal you are going to manage the settings rather then the portal.

Let me know if you have any questions or if this is not the issue you are having.

Webroot Support Team
Also in repsonse to Nic,I am using the consumer version of Webroot Secure Anywhere
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Glad to hear it is normal behavior.  The strange thing is that I'm not getting the same thing when I try to replicate it, so I'll have to figure out what is different in my situation.  I'm still new to Webroot, so I'm learning the product as I go 🙂
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Nic...cheers...I am so glad I am not the only one not able to reproduce it (as I said in my previous post...have been scratching my head as to why I cannot...soooooo frustrating...:@