WI FI Stopped working

  • 7 May 2020
  • 1 reply

All of a sudden, I am unable to log into WI Security app on both my I phone and iMac despite entering the correct username and password.  I just bought the app last week and performance was sketchy at best...it kept shutting off and either would not allow me to connect to the internet or timed out.  Im very disappointed with my purchase and I paid top dollar $60 for access on 5 devices.  No one in my family wants to use use it because of these issues. I,ve spent way too much time fiddled around with Webroots applications.

1 reply

Experiencing the very same issues with the WIFI security app.  I haven’t been able to log on completely since purchased.  Paid for coverage on several devices as well.  I’ve run a “help ticket” (they don’t explain to not add anything to your “filing” as it will kick you back in line).   Nothing yet and that was the day after I purchased and installed over a week ago.  I waited more than 30 minutes to speak directly with a tech rep and they “tip toed around my computer, and couldn’t solve issue either.  I have been on here and get “file a help ticket” which I keep saying I’ve done.  Someone told me they checked my “account” and I did everything correctly, but they may have “found an issue that they were working on” - not resolution at this time.  I am looking into getting refund through Paypal for a product that doesn’t work.  I see now in small print that there is no refund from Webroot, well I bought an “American based product” as I though it meant something these days to support our products.  I’m not a computer wiz and just want a virus protection program as my free trial of other brand on new PC ran out.  As I look at the issues no this community, maybe this was a program “to good to be true.” Not sure how it obtained the “ratings” it has but maybe those were biased sites.  I used multiple virus programs in the past and it never required me to be a computer “geek” or allow remote access to my equipment in order to make sure it functions. 

If you look at some of these replies it states that the company is still in operation and working.  But getting “help” is not as advertised!