Autmate poll management console failing

  • 4 August 2020
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I work for an MSP that uses Connectwise Automate and the Webroot plugin. Recently we did some security hardening of our network and lost some functionality. Poll Management Console isn’t pulling any data, Auto Deployment isn’t working, and we can’t access the site in the My Webroot Anywhere tab. Is there a list of what servers need to be whitelisted on our network to be able to allow communications between our Automate server and the Webroot SecureAnywhere servers? We’re running:

Webroot Plugin for LabTech Software v.

Webroot SecureAnywhere with Unity v.

2 replies

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@Todd.Barnhart  - there’s a bit to unpack here to answer each problem may have a different answer as not everything you mentioned is reliant on communicating with the Webroot API.


> Poll Management Console - this is done agent to agent. If you send this to the LTClient on same device as WR agent, they communicate directly. (The LTClient tells our agent to call home.)

> AutoDeploy - also, not dependent on communicating back to API or Webroot console - this is a series of steps all isolated within the Automate infrastructure. If the Client-WR Site are mapped, the site Key is stored local to the SQL server where Automate is running. Auto-deploy is a monitor running on the LTClient side that checks to see if agent/service is running. If it’s not, then it checks the three auto-deploy settings at Client/Location/Computer and then launches the “Webroot 3 - Install” script. This is all done directly within the Automate server/client configurations and not dependent on any comms to Webroot console or API.

> Launching is simply a port 443/80 call.


If you’d like to dive deeper into these, either reach out to our support team that have SMEs for CW Automate or DM me directly.

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… and I accidentally overlooked the “pulling data” issue which is not related to or dependent on polling management console, which is an agent functions computer/by/computer.


If data isn’t coming through the API (which uses port 443/80) then it could be an API credential or setting issue within the plugin. Support can help with that, or I can troubleshoot. Most likely scenario if it’s failing to connect is, the GSM Admin and Password have been reset basically killing the API token string. That will need to be reset/changed. If it’s hosted and the logout button isn’t available, then you’ll have to get CW Support to remove a SQL table row, relaunch the Control Center client and reenter the API credentials.

Plugin_Webroot3_API = table (If they remove the only row in that table, it’ll kill the API credentials information and reset the plugin.)


Lastly, if you’re running mix-matched plugins as indicated, will have all kinds of problems. Both plugin entries in Plugin Manager should be or latest. 2.5 and 3.1 mixed is a recipe for disaster and shouldn’t even work.