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  • 7 February 2018
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I am reconfiguring the plug in in Labtech , the documentation says I have to get the API Access form GSM, inlcuding shows me where I can get the keys.
However in my panel doesnt show up anything like the documentation and I am the admin, do I have to unhiden or what to do to get the right GSM panel

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If possible, please post a screen shot of your console. If you have a Global Site Manager console with multiple sites in the site lists, then you have a GSM. To access the API information, select the Account Information button on the top of that screen. Select API tab and you should be able create the credentials according to the install guide.
I'm in the same boat.  I am trying to generate API keys but that section seems to be missing.  

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You're at a site level rather than at Global Site Manager where API keys are generated 
Click on 'Default' and you should have a menu option 'back to sites'
Select that and you'll get to Global Site Manager where all of your sites should be listed.
 Click on Settings and you'll see 'API Access'