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  • 1 April 2020
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I rarely “sign-in” to, but attempted to do so today, after renewing my subscription.  

When entering my username/email and password, I am then asked to enter an “Authentication Code”.  I cannot locate an “Authentication Code” anywhere.  I have a “security code”, a “product keycode”, but I do not recall ever having an “Authentication Code”.  As far as I recall, I never set up 2-factor-authentication (and if I did, I do not receive an email or text with a code after entering my username and password).

Please advise as to how I might resolve this issue.

Thank you.


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4 replies

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You’ll need to contact support to have that reset so  you can setup 2FA on your logon. 




I have to say dealing with this product has been the most frustrating experience ever.  I went from a subscription included with my Dish service to purchasing a license when Dish decided not to continue to offer Webroot as part of their protection package.  I’ve experienced everything from constant pop ups telling me my subscription has expired even though the dashboard in the client showed 300+ days left, intrusive pop ups related to marketing specials even though I turned alerts off, to this change to the login for the web console with no way to set up 2FA, just a suggestion to submit a support ticket so it can be reset and set up for the first time.  I’m completely done with this product.  How can I trust this product to protect my system when the user experience is so horrible and options that have been turned off continue to be bothersome?  I have 200+ days left on my subscription but I think I’ll just eat the loss and buy a better product.  Complete trash programming.

Yes webroot is a nightmare. I cannot even login when I have my username and password. That is ridiculous. What authentication code are you talking about?! I am done with Webroot. They are losing customers because of this. 

Yes, I’m having the same issues.   I keep going round and round.  I can’t even log in to submit an email request.  I am able to enter my email / username and password, but then the “authentication code” is requested.  I’m supposed to receive a code or message to an authenticator app (which I have on my iPhone but apparently is not yet set up - I just purchased a new phone 4 months ago).   Trying to get at the webpage that holds the QR Code that will help in setting up an authenticator app, still starts with you having to log-in and satisfy the authentication code…..again, going round and round and ending up in the same place. 

This is so frustrating.   All and any help or ways you can fix the issue yourself starts with having to log in and satisfy the authentication code, but if you can’t even do that, you’re just spinning your wheels.   I hope actually talking to someone at customer support on the phone helps…..otherwise I’m not renewing my subscription and finding something else.