Can i create a MSI installation file with both productkey and group name?

  • 11 February 2015
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Can i create a MSI installation file with both productkey and group name? i know about the command lines but i want one file easy to install for clients that puts them in the right group at ounce.
thanks in advance

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Yep, take a look at this guide and these articles for the syntax:
What is the syntax for:
1- Setting install to a specific folder?
2- Setting the -clone option?
3- Setting the MSI install to silent?
Where in ORCA would I add those options?  I don't recall seeing those options in the articles you posted.
Thank you!
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My name is Johnny and I work in the Enterprise Support Department. All of the informaiton you are looking for us locating on the resources tab of the console under "For further details about these deployment options, see the Deploying Webroot SecureAnywhere help guide.Click here to view. "
1 - There is no automatic deployment option to set it to a spcific folder. Now is a good time to inform you that our MSI file is not a traditional Microsoft Installer file. All it is is our EXE wrapped as a MSI using a MSI wrapper. That means most deployment functionality with normal MSI's like transformation or even deployment options are not guaranteed to work since out EXE is unaware of how to read that information from the MSI. 
2 - Please see the deployment document mentioned above.
3 - Please see the deployment document mentioned above.
The deployment gide outlines where to set these options in Orca.
Hope this helps let me know if you have any questions.
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would this work also with deployment software such as meraki systems manager?
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Yep, you can use the MSI file with any patch management or software installation suite.
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Good good... Imma give it a shot with meraki systems manager soon
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Cool - let us know how it goes 🙂
how can i add the group name in the msi itself by using ORCA. The documentation and forum doesnt have any solution for it. Is it trickly to make it working.
No it is not possible to add the group name in with ORCA.  Although Webroot provides an MSI file, it is not a full blown MSI file and you can not add that option in.
I spoke to the support people yesterday and they showed me how its possible. Instead of puting the group name we have to use the group ID
NOTE - Adding group ID is possible in msi installer with the help of ORCA.
I have tested it already on two machine and the solution works
can you document how to do this please?
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@, you're free to edit the MSI however you like, but it's more of an "if you know how here are the tools" kind of deal.