Cannot Download Webroot on computer with expired Webroot version

  • 11 April 2021
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Attempting to install new webroot license for 6 devices on a laptop that has an expired webroot software already on it. The install is coming from a webroot email to install on other devices. So, after clicking the link in the webroot email, selecting download to load webroot, it does not take you to input the key screen. Instead it takes you to a screen that says you already have webrrot and it is expired and you need to renew now with a price to buy another license. I do not want to do this. How do you get around this? Do you have to completely delete the expired version of webroot off the other computer and then attempt the download again? That seems not efficient. There should be a seamless handshake to do this. Can someone help me please? Thank you.


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Hello @Chrisris 


All you need to do is enter the new keycode and it will do a scan to re-activate, no need to install or reinstall: