Computers Freezing after Boot

  • 20 October 2017
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Hi everyone, so this might be completely wrong to ask.
But i manage around 400 - 500 POS clients, all using Webroot.
However, we've noticed that alot of these machines gets "Random freezes" at bootup, as soon as windows starts and logins the system more or less freezes as soon as you try to do something, could be open up Control Panel, go trough your Files in the explorer.
It always ends up with our cashiers having to hold in the power button and restart the machine, and sometimes it takes 3 - 5 reboots until it works, in worst case scenarios we have to install new machines..
We have around 60 - 70 POS units in another country not using WSUS & Webroot and they are working fine.
Typing here hoping anyone has a clue what it is, only thing we've done is installed Webroot & installed WSUS Updates.
If anyone has an answer or have heard of something similiar to this then please get back, i'd be thrilled!

I found this article 
Does webroot use Windows Filtering Platform ?

3 replies

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There are a couple of characters on the end of that link that causes it to 404, I'm trying to post it again:
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@, please Submit a Ticket to our Support Team if you haven't already so they can determine whether or not Webroot is related to the issue. Thanks!
Hi @, sorry for the long response time.
I've been in contact with your Support Team, twice.
However it seems as this doesn't help, and searching the web for this issue i notice that it is not such a common problem.
It is either related to Webroot or Windows Updates.
But we can't seem to figure out what or if it is a mix between the 2 products..
Hence i'm asking here to see if any other Webroot admin's are experiencing this issue.