Detailed and customized reports for MSP's

  • 14 December 2015
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I was looking into the reports and was wondering a couple things:
1. Can we generate non-graph reports? Something with text detailing type of threat discovered, when it was identified and when it was removed?
2. Adding a company logo to the title screen.
3. Modifying the format displayed for current reports. ie: instead of showing 1 report per page possibly show 4 reports per page?

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4 replies

We are looking for the same info...
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@, I've opened a support ticket for you with our Team. They'll be reaching out to you shortly!
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Yes, we are right there with you.  Our clients and engineers would love a scheduled report of the group management tab.  This would greatly reduce administrative time logging into each client and provide our clients with details on what it is they are actually utilizing & when the last time each device checked in.
We are looking for this as well. The reporting for Webroot doesn't give any information that my clients want without me doing a ton of manual extractions and making an excel sheet to customize. Giving details to my clients takes more time than setting up a whole office with the product. Is there any update on if/when this will be something MSP's will be able to do with Webroot?