Disable Webroot Filtering Extension from deploying to Endpoints via policy

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I'm deploying Webroot to a new client. We're doing a silent install for now but they don't want the Webroot Filtering Extension. As I understand it, the Webroot Filtering Extension is deployed alongside of the agents. I would like to know if there is a policy setting that I can enable that will keep the extension from deploying? I've tried turning off the Web Threat Shield and disable a few settings with the Identity Shield, but this does not keep the extension from deploying. If not, I'll just keep my original settings and we'll have to manually disable though I was hoping not to do that with 100+ computers.

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Make sure the "Activate browser extensions" setting under the Web Threat Shield section is set to Off.

For further assistance, feel free to send our Team a support ticket. Hope this helps!!! :cathappy:
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Thank you for the response. I thought it was within the Web Threat Shield but these are the current settings that I have.

I throw the silent audit out to all for new clients before we switch them to the correct policy. This is the first time I've had users report that the browser extension is actually showing up. So I wasn't sure if there was some other setting going on. I may be able to replicate the issue locally. I'll update when I have a moment to replicate it. 🙂
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Not a problem! Always happy to help.

Do let us know if you have any problems or need anything else!:D