Domestic Abuse and Cybersecurity

  • 22 February 2023
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I’m dealing with a domestic abuse case with a cybersecurity architect and just found out he’s been living a double life with another woman for the last 4 years. He has always threatened he can get into my cameras at home, phones, and monitor me via my Wi-Fi. I’ve also found suspicious apps installed on devices like my fire tv and phone, and was wondering if anyone could help me prove his actions and trace them even if he has access to many cybersecurity resources and IP masking apps. 


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3 replies

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Hi @ITMom 

That sounds very serious and I would reach out to law enforcement and lawyer. 


Here is a website with resources that specializes in this


Webroot does take a stance of detecting all monitoring applications as malicious, but manual exceptions can be made if you suspect that this person would do something like that. Again would reach out to authorities first, but if you would like us to take a look at your scan logs our support would be able to take a look.



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Thank you, when I had last reached out to law enforcement, they said I needed to be able to prove he was hacking into our devices to add it to the police report. It’s been rough finding someone with the skill set and willingness to trace it out. 

Trying to gather money for a lawyer now as he’s drained me financially and I unfortunately don’t qualify for free legal services. 

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Hello @ITMom 


The best thing to do is look online or a phone book and look for a Computer Security Specialist maybe BestBuy Geek Squad and they will come to your home and check all devices you have and depends where you live as far as I know Best Buy is only in the US and Canada and now I did a search I see there in Mexico as well but I would look for a Computer Security Specialist and get them to come to your home and check all your devices.


I had to do it for a Friends Wife as she thought he was spying in some way but I check everything and all was fine and that was 5 years ago,


Hope you get the help you need to keep your piece of mind!