• 5 February 2019
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So,.....I cannot get into my Password manager for a while now, so I cannot access some sites no matter what I do because I didn't write all those fancy generated passwords down. I have proposals to write and no access. blah!

I wondered why no one answered here for a while, but I had been banned for most of the last several weeks I have been in the community, because the "AI" thought I was a spammer. Despite my 1st ever question in the community being legitimate and needed. So far, NOT impressed at all. Thinking I should just drop my 13/14 year association with Webroot and find a good service. Very grumpy. I get I shouldn't have relaxed with my passwords. You always account for system fails and I didn't.

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Hello @Regionaut

Sorry you are having so many issues with Password Manager.

Would you please Submit a Support Ticket and see if they can sort this out for you?

Alot of others are having problems with PWM. Will you also have a look here at Baldrick's post?