how to access Webroot console on mobile app?

  • 13 September 2022
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Why am I unable to access the Webroot  console on Webroot mobile? When I click on the Webroot mobile app it takes me to a Chrome web page.


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So, when you install Webroot Mobile/Security - it will initially open up a web browser embed so that you can login and it saves the token onto your device.


When you login, it should then redirect you back to the app once you’ve validated your account with a active subscription etc.


Alot of reviews show the misconception that it’s BROWSER based, but it’s only doing that to get you to authenticate first.

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Great advice @AsadP  I haven’t been using the mobile app. I will follow your instructions to download it and give it a try.

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This is excellent. I did not know this either. Maybe another answer that should be in the Q&A section? 

Hello. I too had the same issue.  Like the originator of this post I downloaded the Webroot Mobile Security (the new one from the Google Play Store  and not the old one called Webroot Mobile Security & AV that is not supported past Aug 2022).  When I opened up the new Webroot Mobile Security app it asked me to log in. I had my old account with Webroot for the console purposes. I logged in and had 1 key code with 1 day left and it acknowledged it.  The Webroot Browser showed or flashed 1 day left. at the bottom. So I clicked it and then entered my new key code and it took it.  It just shows SCANS at the bottom. Current Status is SAFE with last date of scan and that’s it.   So, I am a bit confused.  It looks like a browser base.  What else I am suppose to see? I have exited the app and then opened it up again to only have it show the same Webroot browser thing with scan towards the bottom.   The old app had the key code and days of expiration.  I don’t see this is the new one.     If someone could post a picture it would be helpful. The google store app’s pics are not instructional. They are for new account holders and not old ones. And to add to more confusion, are you supposed to use this Webroot browser on your phone if you want to search the internet safely?   There is a Web Threat shield app in the chrome store for werbroot customers.  Am I supposed to put this on the phone too?   It makes no sense.     Here’s version info:   Webroot Mobile Security app  Version 6.7.0  with updates on Sept 26,2022.    Chrome Version 107.0.5304.141  last updated Nov 24 2022   & Android Version 12  Security update Oct 1, 2022.


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Hello @BabyBytes2000 


Here is some info:



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You have the right app. The new one is definitely a lot different from the previous one. It is more than just a secure browser and does actually scan the apps (I know this has confused others). You do not need to install Web Threat Shield App as that is a free option that is only a browser and does not scan apps.


There is an FAQ post here


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Also FAQ on my account changes