How to create report of Webroot protected endpoints?

  • 7 April 2015
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Hi all,
I may have overlooked somethign basic....
I want to email a list of hosts protected by Webroot to my client (he doesn't want to log into the console). 
Is it possible to generate a report of hosts with webroot installed, and export it to pdf of csv or somethign similar?
I had a look in the reports tab but couldn't find a way of doing it.
Cheers, Simon

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6 replies

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If you go into the console, go to Reports, and click on Advanced Search and search with no criteria, that will give you a list of all endpoints.  If you click on the dropdown on any of the columns, there's a Column menu that will allow you to add or remove the columns you want.  Does that do what you need?
Thanks thats it. I couldn't see the tiny save button over to the right. Ran the search and exported to CSV. 
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Cool, glad that did the trick.
Possibly I am missing something basic, but, when exporting the .csv, it still sends all of the rows, even though I have them unselected in the report in the console. Thanks!
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@, please open a ticket with our Support Team.

Is there any way to do this with the new console? There is no Advanced anything in the Reports tab. I can easily list the endpoints for a given tenant under Endpoints, and you would think it might be simple to just do an export list, or some sort of print to just get the information shown there. But… think again! There is no obvious way to get a list of the protected endpoints.