How to set a Access Control by Policy

  • 22 August 2017
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As we are starting to deploy Webroot, we are trying to figure out a way to hide the interface from the users (we know how to do that) but we also want the option to open the interface in case, as help desk IT guys, we need to check configure change something locally.
As logging into the Web console from the endpoints is a bit of a hassle, and changing the policy every time to show hide the GUI interface is also not very convenient.
Is there a way to set a password to all the endpoints under a group policy? 

Best answer by WaymonB 22 August 2017, 20:05

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2 replies

Hi there Elior, 
WSA was designed to be centrally managed through the Web console. So unfortunately there isn't a way to have the users in a managed policy and allow a local admin to enter in a password and make changes. You would have to chose one or the other.
If you chose to have the machines in a managed policy, you can centrally maintain them from the web console. Making it easy to change settings and adjustments to the software without needing constant access to the workstations.
**Also one thing to note, in managed policies, you can lock the UI AND hide the system tray icon. Somthing you're not going to be able to do through Access Control.**
If you want to locally maintain machines, you can set this up through Access Control, on each machine. Just note that Access control isn't really advertised or advised because it's not scalable. Each workstation has to be set up and maintained individually. You would pretty much use it in the absence of the web console. 
Hope this helps, 
Waymon B. 
Webroot Business Support
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Hi Waymon,

Thanks a lot for the quick reply!

We'll try to figure out the best way for us to manage the endpoints with this information.

Best Regards.