MD5 Hashmark 32 digit how?

  • 17 February 2017
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When Whitelisting a program you can put inthe path to the program or folder but how do I obtain the 32 digit MD5 number from a program so I can use that instead?

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3 replies

Hi johnnybor,
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I believe this question should be asked in the Business forum since you are referring to the Endpoint Protection. You will get a faster response since the Home version of Webroot doesn't allow for the creation of MD5 overrides. ;)
Perhaps one of our VIPs or Mods can move this, please?
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Ok Nevermind I found a tool that extracts the number for me thanks anyway
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I use the File Checksum & Integrity Verifier from Microsoft to get MD5 hashes:
  1. From Command Prompt, type FCIV -MD5 path ofilename.exe
  2. Copy & Paste into portal.
Hope that helps.