Phishing Inquiry via Email to Epson Printer

  • 14 March 2021
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Dear Community,  

A couple weeks ago, I received an email directly to my Epson Printer, which came directly through, such as it was a fax or something, but I know the Sender used my Epson Printer email address to send it.  On the message, they claim to have access to my key strokes on my phone internet browser, demanding that I send them money via Bitcoin.  I never responded or did anything but just beef up my security software on my computers and mobile devices.  Should I be concerned, or given they’ve only tried to contact me through my assigned Epson Printer email address, that would mean that they do not already have my other email addresses or details to be able to harm me digitally?  Please advise. 


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Hello @ADG 


Sounds odd but if you have Webroot installed you can get a free security check by Submitting a Support Ticket and they will look at your logs to see if you have been compromised.