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  • 27 June 2018
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Our staff would like to be able to print out the effective policies so we can have a staff meeting to go over each item in the policy and make consensus adjustments. Is there a way to print these?

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7 replies

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Unfortuantely I think you'll likely need to use a program like Greenshot to take screenshots/clippings of every screen and paste them into a Word document to print them...
Ugh! Thats ugly LOL.
I think the programmers need to get on it :)  Hardly any printing is available for much of anything in the GSM! That is not always helpful when working with teams!
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There is a way to do this, follow these steps:
1. Log into the GSM Console.
2. Select a site that is using one of the policies you want to view.
3. Click the Policies tab.
4. Select a policy that you want to view/export, it will highlight in green.
5. In the top right corner of the screen, there is a little disk looking button next to a button with a question mark. Click the disk looking icon to export to CSV file. You can then print the CSV for easy viewing of all policy settings.
Keep in mind that the GSM Policy view is a little different from the Endpoint policy view, but this is a better solution than having to take a large number of screenshots.
Hope this helps!
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Nice! Ignore what I said.
Awesome! Thank you very much... a bit more flexible reporting features would be a big plus too 🙂
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Well, that is definitely a better option than screenshots, but still potentially quite time-consuming depending on the number of GSM Sites and amount of custom override'ing set up across the board.
Is it possible to use the API to pull that information or can Support assist in any way?
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I would like how to get this done in the new/present UI.