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  • 15 April 2020
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I currently have a subscription to Webroot Secure Anywhere, and there are 5 PCs protected on this account.  I got an email suggesting it’s time for me to renew my subscription, but the email makes it sound like only 1 PC will be protected.  I’ve tried navigating through my email, and just renewing from my account page, but it takes me to the same screen that looks like it’s for new customers.  It’s as if it doesn’t know who I am.  You would think a returning customer would have an interface that was a little more “Hey, we know who you are, thanks for renewiing” rather than a generic looking signup page.  

But besides that, I’m still just confused about whether or not I’ll be keeping my product key, and my 5 PC protection that I have now. 

“Your subscription begins with your purchase”.  But I still have 59 days on my old one, it’s not clear that this will be tacked onto the end of the other subscription I’ve already paid for.


“1 Device 1 seat” - this sounds like 1PC instead of the 5 I have now, in which case, this is hardly a renewal of what I already have.  I didn’t see an option to add more PCs either.


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Click on the Webroot icon on the taskbar,  go to my account in webroot and  select upgrade/renew. This should give you the option to renew with protection for 1, 3 or 5 devices , renewal time is added onto your current subscription.  This way you also keep your current product keycode.

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There is no option to upgrade or renew from here.  If I go to the web console, go to keys, and upgrade/renew key from the web console, I still only get the option to renew for a single device.  It’s the same screen as before.  It shows the correct keycode, but it just says 1 device, which is not renewing what I currently have.


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Hello @HardRooster 


Look here to renew and or upgrade:


  1. Click the Upgrade/Renew button.


  1. The Webroot website opens, where you can purchase an upgrade to your software.



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It all goes to the same place, and I still don’t have my question answered about securing 5 devices.


I would like to do 2 years

1 device only.


I still have the same question.  Is this going to renew for all 5 of my devices?  If not, how do I do it for 5 like I have now.  5 devices on one subscription.

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Hello @HardRooster 


It would be best to contact the Webroot Sales department and they will help you out.