Recommended Firewall URL/IP's for correct admin console reporting from installed base

  • 8 November 2017
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We are in the process of installing Webroot on our network. We have some shop PC's that I have it installed on but they are not reporting to the admin console that it is installed.
They are not reporting becasue they don't have internet access. What they do have is access to our company exchange servver to have email. So accessing that email server on our local network then opens up the possiblility of them getting something dangerous in an email.
What hole do I need to open in my firewall policy so those PC's can report to Webroot's admin console and get policy settings pushed to them?

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Hi there, 
For firewalls all our traffic goes over port 80, 443, and SSH 22. We do not have any direct IP's for you to enter in as use AWS for our backend. We have a range of over 10 thousand IP's that can be pulled from  literally anywhere in the world (just wanted to note this incase your firewall is region locked). With that said, below are the wildcarded URL's that have to be allowed through for WSA to communicate properly.
(Please note: Some firewalls do not support double dotted subdomain names with a single wildcard mask (i.e. being represented by * so some environments might require either * or *.*
Hope this helps,
Waymon B.
Webroot Business Support.