Trying to embed Group in wsasme.msi using Orca

  • 6 April 2017
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I need to embed a group association into the wsasme.msi file before providing the installer to a client.
I've reviewed the documentation and tried to use Orca.exe to do so, and in my tests the endpoint is always added to the Default Group.
I've selected the group I want to specify, then from the Actions menu chose 'Deploy endpoints to this group' in order to obtain the group code. 
I then tried setting the CMDLINE property in the .msi file to this:
"SME,quiet,Group=-nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" /qn /l*v %windir%wsa_install_log.txt
Trying to make this work, I've tried making the word group lower-case.
I've tried removing everything after the quote marks (at the end of the Group code).
I've tried using the Group name instead of number.
No matter what I try, my test endpoint is always added to the Default Group.
My test endpoint is a VM, and after each failed attempt, I am uninstalling WR, deactivating the endpoint in the WR portal, renaming the endpoint, and changing its MAC address, before I re-attempt the install.
How can I get the endpoints to go to the targetted group in the portal?

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Hi NoahsMyBro
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From what you are describing it sounds like your question should be posted in the Business/Endpoint Forum rather than here in the Consumer/Home forum.
I can move the thread to the Business/Endpoint forum for you. If you would like me to do this then please let me know. :D
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I couldn't find the Business forum.
yes, please move the thread for me, thanks.
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I have had better luck with InstEd software for this process.
  1. Open up the WSASME.MSI file from the File menu
  2. On the Tables tab, go down to Property on the left hand side
  3. Change the GUILIC to the License code from the portal
  4. Change the CMD to SME,quiet as per the documentation:
  5. Save the file and it can be deployed via GPO or by double-clicking.
This should get the targeted clients into their perspective portal accounts.