Viber attachments not working when "Phishing and other frauds" category is enabled for block

  • 1 June 2020
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I have an Untangle NG firewall which uses Webroot Brightcloud engine for their Web Filter application.

As recently as few days ago, Viber picture attachments stopped working (won’t send). I have pinned this down to the “Phishing and Other Frauds” category blocking this functionality. All other Viber features are unaffected, as far as I know.

I have temporarily unblocked this category to regain the sending of pictures in Viber. But I’d like to enable this category again in the near future for protection.

What must be done?

Thank you.


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@OrlyP ,

I’m not personally familiar with the Untangle NG firewall as it’s not a direct Webroot product. Please contact our SUPPORT TEAM for assistance as they will be able to direct you to a person that is specialized in dealing with the BrightCloud tech. 

Please let me know how that goes - thanks!


Thank you so much. Anyway, I have resolved it myself by re-installing the Web Filter and that seemed to correct my issue.