Webroot Cloud Install Script

  • 10 May 2017
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Looking for a script to use with Webroot Cloud (Mulit-tenant) that will download a client specific installer and run it silently.
Current we are using the GreaterIntel plugin with Kaseya, and are looking at options for performing installs without one or both.

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3 replies

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I've reached out to our Enterprise Team and they've let me know that the functionality you're looking for should be included with the plugin. If it is not, please make sure you've on v2 of the plugin.
For more help and detail on this, please reach out to our Support Team directly. You can mention Kevin B. in the ticket and he'll help answer any questions you have.
Business Technical Support: Call 1-866-254-8400
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If you are referring to the GreaterIntel plugin, we are thinking of not using it anymore, and possibly moving away from Kaseya as well. Need a .bat, .vbs, or .ps script.
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You can either modify the MSI file to contain the key and run silently or you can pass these parameters to the MSI via command line in a BAT script. Either way the script or the MSI would have to be customized for each client.
See: http://live.webrootanywhere.com/content/763/Deploying-SecureAnywhere-to-endpoints for more details on the process. I use InstEd for editing the MSI as it is really super simple that way. I then use a Group Policy to deploy the MSI to all workstation / servers needed.