Webroot Filtering - What flags creates a caution?

  • 24 August 2020
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I am a web developer, 25 years in the industry. Webroot is giving off cautions on several of my sites today via Chrome or Firefox. Obviously, this is concerning for me. However, there is no further information other than, "this site may contain content that could affect your online security."

I need to know *what* is causing this. When I looked under Webroot docs, it says, "These are generally benign sites, but have exhibited some characteristics that suggest security risk."

My question is - what are the possible flags that suggested a security risk? As a developer, I need to know what third party scripts are setting off warnings in order to make my sites safe.

I would love if the docs could be updated with a list.

But more urgently, if someone could give me a collection of the flags that can set off the caution warning, that would be brilliant. All of these sites are new builds. I need to pinpoint the script that is not secure. 

Thanks in advance!




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It’s best to chat with the BrigtCloud Team!




To look up sites:


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