Webroot Flagging Brutal Doom 64 EXE, Ceasar 4 EXE, and whole bunch of Steam stuff

  • 24 April 2017
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most noted is the Steam notibles...the Restart Helper was taken, OpenVR, SteamVR and now it's ringing every **bleep** minute on everything steam!
i'm the admin of the PC and there is no changes....something happened when in the last 24 hours as there was this yesterday

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From the looks it's EVERYTHING IN STEAM VR and Open VR....this is getting annoying....what happened to OpenVR to make you guys soo.....trigger happy on VR?
While I am not running steam, I just got 15 false positives for program exe's that have been installed for years. Any executable created by 3D Tool, and all the PTC creo prismatic exe's
I'm assuming that this is an update error and will keep monitoring to see if another update is issued.
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Thank you all for reporting this, please take a look at the explanation and steps to remedy here
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Perhaps a better question is why is Steam loaded on a business machine? This sounds like wasted productivity to me. I personally recommend all business owners to blacklist those sorts of things and filter internet to make sure their employees are productive during business hours.